Campuhan Ridge walk

We went for a great walk yesterday. We decided to leave early, because of the high temps and humidity, and knowing that we’d be doing some climbing. As always with a little one though, plans to get out the door in a hurry don’t always work out. We managed to leave home by about 8, and the temperature would have been a balmy 27°, with about 387% humidity from the downpour the night before.

It took us about 30 minutes to get to the start of the hike, by which time I was already drenched in sweat. Ubud is a pretty amazing area, made up of a whole heap of ridges that I guess have been formed over the years from volcanic eruptions. Between the ridges are v deep gorges, while the tops of the ridges are progressively being developed.

Only a few minutes after starting the climb, it already feels like you’re out in Farn land, walking between rice fields. There are some great views to be had back down the valley, and on either side of the ridge.

You can see the track on strava below (some of that towards the end was by taxi) – it’s hard work climbing a steep hill with an extra 13kg of person on my back. The backpack we borrowed is coming in v handy though!

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