Monster twucks on we bandah! (verandah)

Morning walk photo sphere

Far from my best work. Hard to keep it steady with a small boy dancing on my back. @wandering_mouse in two parts, head blurred, somewhere in there too…

One from a few days ago. Temple in Ubud

Sanur Beach not long after sunrise

from Instagram:

Beautiful morning for a beach walk!!

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Doggy just be chullin…

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It appears I was too slow to market with my soda water and espresso combo…

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Nice change of scenery. Crazy waves though!

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Tegalalang Rice Terrace

Cheviot Tunnel


Part of the Great Victorian Rail Trail

Strickland Falls – phone photo on the spot…

A short drive out of Hobart on the way to Mt Wellington. Worth the stop.


Will post up some proper photos when we get home

Mitchelton Bay Classic – some video

Ladies coming around the bottom corner near the Portarlington Pier – video doesn’t do justice to just how fast they were going, and the steepness of the hill (apologies for the audio… it’s a free track from youtube’s collection…)

Men screaming up the hill from the pier towards the main street – I couldn’t believe the speed at which they came up the hill!

Yeah, that’s nuts…


First ride on the Trex Fuel EX8 29er…

I took the new bike out for a quick ride along the Yarra this evening – I was feeling bad that it had been sitting there without use for 2 days…





Unfortunately, I should probably have given it another day. With Melbourne having between 40 and 110ml of rain over the weekend, it hadn’t quite dried up completely, and hence the bike is now filthy.




It performed well though – amazing the feeling of being on a bike with dual suspension instead of a hardtail. And 29″ wheels seem to make a big difference – just rolling over things that on the old Scott Aspect I’d be avoiding or trying to jump the bike over…


A bit like the difference between this:




and this…