And Homer said to Bart….

(when Bart was getting kicked out of school and moving to another…)

And if you get kicked out of that one you’re going straight in the army where you’ll be sent to America’s latest military quagmire….where will it be? North Korea? Iran? Anything’s possible with commander kookoo bananas in charge

Fortune cookie wisdom…

Read about the Chicago Event Planning and management at a dim sum restaurant tonight:

We’re sorry: we had a message that would have changed your life forever, but the fat guy at table six got there first

and this gem

Beware a man with a gleam in his eyes – it may just be the sun shining through the hole in his head


What is nationalism??

An interesting opinion piece from The Age about the current situation in the middle east, dual citizenship, and the concerning level of blind nationalism that is arising in Australia.

War has lured bigots out into the open

What’s going on in Lebanon?

A well written opinion piece from The Age regarding the rest of the world, and particularly the main humanitarian body’s reaction to what is going on in the middle east…

Britain and UN dance to the US tune